virgin loser desperate for sex

This little virgin loser , so desperate for a fuck , but no one will fuck him… Is it any wonder with a body , face and cock as ugly as this !!! Does this cock remind you of someone .. LEON ,Nicky, or whatever name you’re going by….. You will be flattered to know , this little ugly loser reminded me of you , though seen as you come to me with a bag over your head , maybe it is you LOL

I could get you both fucked together – but it wouldn’t be by a human , maybe a chair leg ? LOL losers !

Evidence of the ugly loser below —- another pathetic squirmy victim loser bitch , begging for any speck of attention he can get because no woman would give him the time of day …. oh other than to bully him a little at work hahahaha . Losers unite!



Isn’t he horrific, no wonder no woman will get close , other than to laugh at him , bully him or rip him off ! LOL

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SLUT in pink

Pretty in pink, little loser slut can’t keep away , so desperate to be broken , and still so shy hahaha < I'll get her , I know more than you think about you loser . Just you wait until it all comes spilling out .


This stupid slut is on her way to be my full time broken bitch . GOODBYE ZOE , hello ChrisTINE. hahaha .
Look at that tiny little clitty , can’t believe Zoe has put up with it for so long , can’t imagine she’ll want to put up with it much longer , especially with a little nudge from … Yours truly 😉 hahahaha


hahaha someones panicking now, but someone’s little clitty is still hard hahahahaha , how pathetic can you get , watching her little life fall to pieces with a hard clitty .

Tiny tiny little clitty – poking out her panties, who thinks she’ll make a good little whore girl . Any takers? She’s in London.

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And another one lands in my net

Got a bit drunk last night … Divulged every part of his life to me while I sat topless and laughed at the mess he fell deeper into . Still the weakest slut for my big tits. He couldn’t say no ! Woke up in a right mess , with a terrible hangover and the realization that he’s given his little loser existence to me …. Next stop , chastity belt, cock sucking, piss drinking, forced feminizati9on, and complete empowerment … buckle up slutty — what have you done !!! LOL


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Anddddddd It happened

Didn’t want to be exposed as a cock sucking sissy slut , didn’t want to become my full time little sissy bitch – ooopsie……
Time to think again .

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haha this stupid slut was really asking for it

And now he’s got it ! In my trap head first , silly little sissy is going to become a full time cock sucking slut for me !!! Doesn’t she look slutty her in sissy outfit —- and anymore games slut , your face will be exposed, and your full name to follow –

hahaha cock sucker didn’t play ball , so things just got worse for her ….

Now all we need are those sissy slutty lips wrapped round a cock —-

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Another slut from the past returns to dip his toe in water …

And what dangerous water that is hahaha , Already his his wife’s knickers, and while the world might not recognise your face, I think Zoe might !!! Pathetic little bitch is trying to hold onto her dignity but we all know she’s going to let me in , hand it all over to me eventually so you might as well cave in now.



What a fashion shoot hahaha, you do suit them , Chris ! And I know you need to give me more …… You need this lifestyle and you need to be mine, no point fighting it anymore , loser. See you on the ‘Other side ‘ 😉

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Another locked slut joins the bitches….

This slut’s cock belongs to me , I now have information…FINALLY , enough to break this little whore, band after all these months of visiting me, I finally got a lock snapped on that little cock.
No more orgasms for you , pathetic little slut !!! So everyone remember today , the day my second chastity Kevin gave me his orgasms, and full control of his cock . He already hasn’t squirted in 3 days, so that’s a nice little start for the long road ahead hahaha…… And I am going to make up for lost time, all those times I tried to get that cock locked and failed…revenge is mine.


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pathetic bitch with growing tits

Tits are growing nicely , little cockless slut has accepted that she’s never gona be a male, and I think it’s best if I turn her into a full time little fem bitch , at least that way she could actually get laid and make me some money at the same time when I whore her out for tit wanks…hahaha Arrow included to show where the tiny clitty is for those who might miss the little maggot.

and the tits grow and grow , but we need them bigger, if theyre going to be able to wank off Jerome’s huge black cock .

The climax has got to be the little slut pissing in a bottle and then knocking it back for me while desperate to make that pathetic little clitty squirt.
moobsie3 Isn’t she the most pathetic little bitch around , now she’s begging me to be allowed to squirt, so maybe it’s feeding time.

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hahaha little cock came back to see me

This tiny little weenie always gives me a giggle, still single, no wonder.  He looks so funny when he’s wanking that little clit dick , the whole thing vanishes like magic….could not resist to make him shove a q tip down that miserable little maggot hahahahaha

weenie you can see in the photo how fucking tiny it is, nothing like jerome’s 10 inche cock ! hahahaha he’s 1/3of the man Jerome is, ok maybe 1/2 but who cares , ive had a right laugh , the only way this little clitty puts a smile on any woman’s face I think.

and in it goes……if the cock isnt capable of fucking a pussy , let’s turn the cock into a fuckable pussy hahahaha…

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weenie2 ahaha you’ll onever have anything that would be worth sliding between my big tits slutty ! hhahaah

weenie3 and the little clit is ready to squirt ….. or dribble…..3,2,1…..

dribble dribble dribble…


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little whore crawls back for cock

clareslut This little cock muncher , can’t get enough cock —- Look how that pathetic little clitty maggot hangs there , good job this sissy slut knows her place,…… need to find a real cock for this fuck hole, any volunteers, had quite a lot of interest in this broken bitch lately ,  we can reduce her price.

clareslut2  Time she licks up her pussy juices and gets the cock cleaned, youthink you’re going to be able to munch on Jerome’s slut, he can’t wait —- I think you’re going to do a great job !

clareslut3   Ride it for me bitch , take it nice and deep, look at that little slutty ass in her black stockings….. we’ll have to feed her some cum and send her off to bed hahahah , with her little clitty locked away and her little whore hole filled.

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