Better bathtime

Hahahahah,  the pink dildo arrives, and replaced the screw driver,  doesn’t it suit her , it looks so much better than the screwdriver.    Not only did we get her fuck hole raped, but we’ve temporarily branded the whore with a transfer.  Let’s see how long we should keep her in transfers before we decide to promote her to something more ………… permanent .

  Owned whore , my property

She loves having that whore hole filled for me , raping herself like a good little sissy bitch

hahaha no contest .  HAHAHAHA this is why she’s my sissy bitch .

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screwdriver fun

Bathtime just wouldn’t be the same without a good fucking with a screw driver … while we wait for this little whore’s new dildo and butt plug to arrive … we had to make do with what we had.  Screwdriver in her tight little whore hole it is.

  haha look at that little clitty .   She loves it .   Time to feed her some cum , and get her new transfer on her slutty body .

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Slut disappoints

Slut never sucked a cock today , even though s/he waited patiently at the glory hole for 6 hours hahahahaha.  1/2 a day spent waiting for cock .   She did however get fucked by a 60+ year old man with a 6” cock ……. so at least she got some cock in her whore holes……  Now to make her a new advert and get her fucked and sucking before the end of the week .  This whore needs cock .  These are the photos I’m going to use for her advert …..

Tiny little clit dick , couldn’t even squirt yesterday whiles he was fucking her fingers hahahaha , so pathetic .  She sat there drunk and fucking her fingers for hours, only to have no sissygasm at the end, because she couldn’t make it cum .

  This slutty hole ready for getting pounded .   Now to get the advert out there, and get her sold, or given away , I should say .  No one wants to pay for the whore yet .

Her advert is here, on craigslist for this week . 


Anyone in Edmonton or local to the area can feel free to get in touch and use this whore

The fuck hole is ready for pounding

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This little slut is here again , and tomorrow s/he sucks cock for me again —— hahahaha, back to it , after a cock sucking break .  We all know s/he’s breaking for me, getting addicted to sucking cock for me.  S/he really belongs on her knees like a cock hungry little whore.     Anyone in Edmonton want to fill her next week ?   Message me directly .  I need to get her touring the UK and sell her to all my black boys.


Fucking her hand like usual , stupid little blackmailed cock sucker .  She can’t get enough of fucking her hand,  her hand is the only thing that will let that clit dick in , so it’s little wonder she’s so addicted.

Looking as pathetic as she always does .   That pathetic little clitty is never going to be looking any better.  Maybe we should start her on hormone therapy and shrink it even more.

  ha ha ha , it’s really a sight .  I can’t wait for tomorrow, get her on her knees and guzzling like a good whore, I’ve missed it , it has been too long !

haha time to start stretching that fuck hole again , need to get her used to it , in time for taking real cock in there.

  and her cunt swallowed it up nicely hahaha, this should be replaced by my strap on ASAP , and then by Jerome’s donkey cock .

Sometimes skype calls are almost as good as fucking my little bitches bent over my desk in the dungeon , look at the little whore, how fucking pathetic she looks, we need to get that rape hole properly stretched into a little fuck pussy .   She has had cock in there before, so we need to find something bigger than a fucking tooth brush , or toothbrush fucking hahaha , silly cock hungry little bitch for me .

back to fucking her hand, as always   She’s going to suck cock for us all tomorrow , and we’re going to update the site with photographic evidence of this slut with a face full of cock .  Not only that , but she’s going to get her rape hole stretched this week , and we’re going to update with photos of that too .  Time this little fuck toy got properly exposed for the cock sucking, fucking slut that she has become.

Time for some more fucking her hole

 Spit roasted whore …… Some things just don’t get anymore pathetic than this

  Sucking like a whore for me, choking and gagging like a deep throating slut ….

  Deep throating a bottle for me, just the way she’s going to be deep throating a cock tomorrow.  hahaha .




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Small cock

Small cock sissy can’t help contacting me even while she’s away on work placement .  Hahahaha .  Someone is desperate to be Mistress’ little cock sucker.

It’s like modern art with the tiny cock blown up on the shadow hahahaha This could be her calling.

  Pathetic little bitch is addicted to fucking her hand ……….

  Time she had something other than her hand fucked … Bend over stupid little whore –   ”We” decided tonight, that she will have her arse raped, and I will get it on tape to share on my site hahaha  Everyone cna see what a little bitch she is for me .

  Yes bend over ready to take cock for me, just look at that slutty whore arse exposed for all the cocks……. Spread that whore hole, slut , and let me get you ready for sale.

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Little slut wanking

Little slut getting horny wanking her clit dick for me hahahah

So pathetic she is —— we have agreed she will be on her knees at the glory hole in 2 weeks time after she finishes her work stint away … Photos will be to follow.

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Little clit dick loves to wank

Litte clitty Jimmy, AKA , Katie – Loves to wank off older men and their big cocks .  This is what a little cocked whore like Katie deserves ……. pics to follow …..


  Wanking cock like her slutty little life depends on it ….. that’s it Katie , wank it nice and fast and make that cock squirt all over you —— She can’t get enough of a face full of spunk , and she’s so fucking good at it

Is it any wonder she’s good at it, when this little clitty dick is what she has between her own legs hahahahahah , better you stick to what you’re good at , Katie, wanking off older men and sucking them dry .

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This little slut should wear panites

Pathetic little Jimmy has been ditched by his gf , which comes as no fucking surprise , cos no one can last having to fuck a tiny little weenie .  She has left him for another man …. I said another man , but little jimmy isn’t a man to start off with , she’s a pathetic little sissy bitch and it’s about time , we got her in a pair of knickers.

So fucking pathetic , it’s like a 1/2 cock , even when it’s hard, there’s basically anything there.

  Look at this little whore , fucking her hand with her tiny loser clit dick

  She’s always fucking her hand, even though she only has a clitty maggot in place of a cock hahahaha, let’s see when we can get her in panties .  Tomorrow I have her at the glory hole , sucking cock again , yes that’s right ”again” because this little slut has started sucking almost every week , like a cock addicted little whore, she can’t get enough , especially since her GF came to her senses and ran off with a proper cock .   Fuck! he’s probably fucking her right now, while Jimmy fucks her little clitty with her hand hahahahaha it doesn’t come much more pathetic than this whore.

About time this slut had her pussy violated , training her to take something bigger, this tooth brush fucking is pathetic

  In and out , Jerome will stretch her rape hole , nice and wide , and have her screaming like a cock hungry little whore … Is anyone else local , who would like to fuck this slut for me …….. Either in the NorthEast for when I get here , or in Ednmonton….. for the right price, this whore can travel .

  We just need to wax or shave that body <<< and she willl look like a sissy bitch even without her clothes on .   I’ve ordered her to buy new panties this week , hopefully she’ll be broken and in them by tomorrow, so we can make new photos for my Jerome to wank over.

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Slutty santa misses xmas

A bit late for xmas, but who can resist a slutty xmas fuck toy .  Look at the little bitch , sucking black cock for me, about time we raped her whore holes … She has a cock deep in her pussy too, and she’s begging to be used .

Slutty big tits in her new dress , ready to suck cock like a good little whore.

Slutty red lips, and slutty tongue licking cock , gagging for cock , she’s so desperate, her vibrators on her little clitty . Choke down on that black cock for me , bitch .

Down her throat it goes, good little broken sissy bitch .  My perfect little sissy fuck toy .  She needs to be used and raped.

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It has been some years

But this slut couldn’t keep away , I remember her well …… well looking at this slutty state who could forget her .

SE London anyone ?  Who wants to fuck her for me .

Doesn’t she look like a good little slut

She’s scared of me whoring her out hahahaha , she claims I have UK contacts who will fuck her …. she’s not wrong ha !

About time this whore got it .

Look what a good whore she makes, she will sell well

Out in her panties, hiding under her jeans , before full on slut mode ………………..

Dirty bitch needs to bend over for me in her stockings, and pull her panties down .

Who wants to see her pathetic little clitty squirting ——- shall we let her squirt,  I think we should make her lick up cum first — turn her into a good little cum guzzler .  It’s so funny because I demand something from her, and the little bitch says no , digs her heels in , and then submits and does as she’s told .   Weak little slut needs to be a whore for me.  let’s see what Jerome makes of her later today …

Slutty in her purple panties

Look at that little clitty , hard and twitching in her panties, desperate to squirt for being a whore , she loves it , she tries to escape, but SHE NEEDS THIS . YOU KNOW YOU DO CHRIS .

  squirt squirt squirt,  someone made a mess in her knickers, what a dirty bitch she is .



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