slut has new bra and knickers

Don’t they suit her , and the piggy tail is fixed in place while these photos happened. Finding it easier to slide the tail in her whore hole for me …..

Dirty little bitch for me


Couldn’t control herself


Blue is definitely her colour hahaha


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ahha 4.5 inches of sissy clit

hahaahahah she really is hilarious , little tiny sissy clit dick … 4.5 inches , she fucks her fingers constantly, can’t help herself , she switches between trying to get away and stop being such a pathetic little broken fem bitch , and sitting in her bra and knickers and friggin her pathetic little worm clit hahahaha …


She knows as well as I do , that she’s never going to get away , she needs this too much . She’s 100% addicted to being my broken little slut , and come on , even if she wasn’t … what exactly is she going to do with that tiny loser clit dick , get married? HAHAHAHA


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Clare the slut

Photo shoot time for this little slut … She was in slut rehab , trying to get rid of her inner slut , but of course we all know that’s never going to happen …. And here she is , back again , that little over wanked clitty hanging out of her knickers . Pathetic little sissy bitch .


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Fucking disgusting

This pig annoys the shit out of me .. He’s such a fucking disgusting loser , and he’s one of the few sluts that actually makes me want to shut down my PC – He has nothing to offer anyone.


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Got him drunk , took everything I needed — yes I Have all the clear copies…… His gf finally fucked off and left him to me, he didn’t get the hint when she got pregnant with someone else’ child, he was still holding onto some misplaced idea that he could some day live as a man and have a normal life , hahahaha goodbye stupid dreams, and ridiculous ideas, and Hello Miss CH .


Tiny little cock , now belongs to me , it’s not surprising, he was always going to end up mine . He’s completely addicted to my body , and can’t control his pathetic little self once he gets drunk and I take my top off, he’s screwed.


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Slut made an effort hahaha Blackmail mistress

The slut is really desperate to get her pathetic little holes filled for me , she’s gone all out and put on her full slutty attire , ahhaha , doesn’t she look the part . I’m so sure we’re going to find a cock to fuck that face, those moobs or that little fuck pussy .

Look at those legs in her sexy new stockings hahaha. The sooner I get her on her knees, bent over in her stockings with her slut hole spread and ready to be filled , the better . I’m going to start making a set of small movies abusing this little whore, and sell them , it can at least be the start of pimping her out, while we wait for the right cock to come forward and take her virginty .


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My new pet pig

So I wanted a micro pig for a while, instead I got myself a new macro pig hahaha with her new piggy tail – isn’t she just adorable hahaha , slutty little pig fell asleep last night with her piggy tail in place ! Not before guzzling up cum from her patent stiletto heels first. I think she’s going to be a good little piggy for me, I spent so many years waiting for extreme restraints to finally start stocking pink piggy tails instead of only black, this pink piggy tail definitely suits this little sissy whore .


Guzzling cum from her shoe ….


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Fat little slut

Yes she is getting fatter and fatter , and as we don’t seem to be getting anywhere finding her a boyfriend to fuck her , I think we should go about it a different manner , and sell her as a fat ugly fuck slut , for guys who are into fucking a hole on an ugly bitch – and such people exist , this seems more niche and might prove more effective for this little whore ….. She might finally get some takers, because if she doesn’t soon, I’m going to be digging into my own pocket , to hire a cock to finally fuck her brains out , I’m sick of this whimpering fat little virgin not getting laid .

Doesn’t she look ugly ? Doesn’t the picture just scream ‘PATHETIC’ …. Look at those fat rolls hahaha , and the tiny little loser cock isn’t anything to get wet over either , look at this pathetic little worm , on this big moobed fuck slut …


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haha someone’s growing moobs for me

Any takers for fucking these moobs? Let’s get this little virgin fucked finally , those moobs are getting bigger every week , and she’s still not managed to find someone who wants to use her fuck holes, maybe we need to start looking a bit harder , there again , she is a pathetic little shit, it’s little wonder no one has been interested this far. She thought about offering herself to old women – but I’m guessing no old woman is going to want a little bitch like her , maybe an old man would though ! 😉
moobies check out the growing tits, she’s going to be a perfect sissy slut , I can see those tits with a splattering of cum over them already , she just needs to get that hair waxed off and those bitch nipples stretched with some weights, and we’ll have a perfect set of tits for fucking hahahaha

Brighton … if anyone is local and fancies a fuck slut in training, this transforming bitch would love it .

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Mistress’ Sissy slut gets fucked

I’m sure she was watching eagerly yesterday for her photos appearing here hahaha, patience is a virtue, and here you are slutty , exposed to the world as my little broken sissy slut . Her slut hole is slowly getting more used to getting fucked, ‘not that bad’ she says hahahaha …… don’t worry , we’ll soon have her begging for more .



And her little sissy clit got so excited while she was pounding her slut hole, she made a little mess , but slutty knows she has to guzzle up her sissy mess every time now, so she doesn’t get to squirt unless she cleans it all up with her tongue , and like a good little sissy she did exactly as she was told.



And like a good little slut … she licks it all clean …. yummy , fully belly sissy slut with a stretched fuck hole.

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