Slutty clare desperate to squirt

This little whore is desperate to make her clitty squirt, she will do anything . Dressed like my little fem bitch , and her pussy tightly plugged, let’s turn this little bitch into a proper sissy slut.


Look at that pathetic little clitty peeking out her knickers and dress.  What a little fuck slut she is . So desperate and pathetic, Jerome can’t wait to have his way with this little whore.  Dance like a good little bitch clare, show everyone what you’re made of , show us what a good little desperate sissy whore you are for mistress, I can’t wait until I can sell this little bitch in my dungeon  That’s it , bend right over and spank that slutty ass, everyone wants to see my hand prints on that slutty ass of yours.  Get those panties pulled down and spank it , hard !

And she did just as I told her to , look at my signature on her slutty ass…

She’s so desperate to make that loser maggot clit squirt, she will do literally anything for us .  Our little broken whore, weak and pathetic, just how I like them.  Let’s get that pathetic little clitty clamped,  such a small worm , really should suffer.

  hahaaha, that’s better , now beat those pathetic balls with a ruler, and spank that little clitty for me .  Let me see how broken you are for me , little bitch .  You belong to me.

as ordered … spanking it hard for me , suffering for me like a good little whore, and begging me to let her squirt .  So fucking pathetic .

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and again

Slut gets her whore hole filled ……… we knew she would , dressed in her slutty knickers for me, like the owned little bitch she is .


Rape that whore hole like a good little fuck slut for Mistress…….. She’s stretched her whore hole after a long break , about time she got pounded.

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Slutty got filled

Tonight this little whore bent over backwards to get filled for me, I’ve not had her pussy stretched in a while, but in hger fave ilovecock panties, she took it nice and deep for me …….While she tugged on her pathetic little clitty , desperate for me and my strap on .

Take it like Mistresses good little whore.

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Clare the fuck toy

Look at what a little whore she is , new camera, slutted up , her little pathetic clitty is leaking through her pantyhose, and she’s gobbling it up , like a little cum bitch for me .


Isn’t she slutty , look at that slutty ass, crying out for cock in it

Tiny little clitty peeking out

She’s better off staying as a fem whore with a little leaking clitty like that


And a big fuckable ass like this

   Even got some sexy slutty tits for Jerome to spunk over


And her fuck hole plugged up with a black dildo like it should be

Spread them wide clare, like a good little whore… time to take all the cocks, for Mistress

There’s a good girl

And behave yourself , or mistress will be showing everyone who  you are ….. Clare the whore .

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Slut in panties for a photo shoot

Look at her little clitty peeking through

About time she got her rape hole fucked by me …

The little whore is trying to protest getting fucked by me …. need to get her to my dungeon and teach her a lesson .

  Teach her to be a good little cum guzzling rape toy ……. Watch this space

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slutty lush is dressed again

Look at the little whore, edging her pathetic little clitty all night, desperate to squirt …… dressed in her new mask , looking like a real little whore.


   Her little slut hole is plugged and stretched like it should be , she loves it . Cock cravin little sissy for us .  My friends and I are going to have fun with this little whore, we could make her do anything.  She sells herself on chaturbate for tips , ntakes their orders, canes her slutty ass,  has her wands on her clitty , fucks her ass, sucks dildos … a real broken little tart .

Such a brokn whore, let’s get her face fucked, about time…. Take it bitch , suck it like a good little slut.

Force feeding herself black cock , sucking like a whore….. Penis gag strapped to her face,  little whore should always be doing one or the other.

That’s it , slutty , show u those titties ……. Slutty nipples ready for Jerome and Rebecca’s cum , and this little whore will lick it all up like a good little cum guzzler.


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Lush slut gets a new cat suit

Look at her in her slutty new catsuit , her big tits bouncing for cock , her fuck hole plugged with cock , her little clitty peeping through her crotchless cat suit ……. vibing her little clitty , and sucking cock for us .  What a dirty little broken cock hungry whore she is for me.

  New cat suit ready to be spunked all over

  Bent over and ready for her whore hole to be filled, let’s spit roast this little fuck toy , she’d love it


Suck it , nice and deep like a good little bitch , slide it between those big whore tits,just the way you’re going to fuck Jerome’s cockwith those massive tits.


  Those tits are crying out to be covered in cum , so Lush can lick it all off like a good little sissy cum guzzling rag tongue .

  Look at the size of them , open wide , bitch … Time to take your servicing ….. this slut needs cock , and I have cocks lined up for her.   Let’s get her filled with cum and covered.  Tits out now for all the spunk

That’s better, let’s get those slutty pic nipples dripping in white spunk , and watch her lapping it up .

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new locked little chastity bitch

This little bitch has been locked now for almost a week …. and from today she has gained a number lock , so I can keep proper tabs on her until I get a hard lock on her pathetic little clit dick , which I intend to do very soon .   We are holding a party for this little bitch , in which she’s going to be locked by my friends and I .     After that she will be lucky if she ever gets to cum again … and she knows it .

  Chastity whore has lost all control of her pathetic cock and her pathetic orgasms .  What a joke she is .  And now All mine.


My broken chastity bitch hahahaha , no more say in when she squirts, or if she ever squirts, it’s all up to me.    Last time she fucked anything but her hand was a year ago , and now she’s never going to fuck again .

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Slutty whore is desperate

Look at this locked slut , only been locked by me 2.5 weeks ago , and already crumbling into a pathetic slutty mess, offering to do anything for me.   Look at her begging to have her photos exposed on here hahahahah , that’s a new one !

Nevermind a blackmail slave, this little whore, is desperate to be shown to the world.  I own her , I conrol her. I can do anything I like with her.   I’ve set her a task , interesting … She’s going to bring me a female, and I’m going to break her too, and have two whores under my power… watch this space.  If that doesn’t work , well I can always whore out her face and pussy , I mean look at that pussy she has stretched wide open for me.


Look at her begging to be exposed.  Nothing matters to her anymore, all that matters to her is taking my orders, serving her goddess like a good little fuck toy .

Now show us all that pussy slut

Bend over, time to fuck that slut hole


I think slut needs to spread WIDER for mistress


Not quite wide enough , you’re never going to get Jerome’s cock in that whore hole …. prize it apart like a cheap whore, rip yourself open slut


Her loser cock makes her weak for me , locked away for a couple of weeks and it has made me the object of her universe, I am all she can think about.   I owned her before but this takes things to a whole new level of control, and those of you locked for me , know it.

Stay locked whore… I’m not unlocking you until you bring that lady to me….  TBC .

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Lucious just can’t stop

This little whore is addicted to edging her little clitty ……… she just can’t stop .  She’s back again and looking very fuckable . Jerome and Rebecca would help me fill her whore holes and have her screaming .     About time this little slut got taught how to be a good little cum whore.   Last night she was desperate to make her clitty squirt, and wasn’t allowed to , because she didn’t make 3 real cocks cum in time.  HAHAHA left frustrated and desperate , and trying to milk cocks dry …… whore training

The little whore loves using her hitatchi wands on her clitty , like a proper little sissy bitch fem slut .  She’s addicted , to that and sucking cock .

  Look at her big tits, they bounce as she’s sucking down on that big black cock .  Noisy little slut she is too .

Look at her outfit , her little clitty poking out of her skirt, desperate to squirt as always , and her big bouncing tits ready for a nice big cock to slide between them and shoot a load in her face.  She’d love that .

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