Tiny litte clit dick joins the gang

hahahaha we have a new tiny clit dick to add to the long list of loser clits….. check out how small this little worm is !!! And he asked me to expose his clit, this is the extent of his sex life, friggin his little clitty while he watches himself getting exposed.


Look how tiny, and deformed it looks ! reminds me of when that porn star had his cock bitten off by his missus and then had it sewn back on— in a very bad attempt to fix it , it ended up looking like a baby potato in small sack …. And here we have the au naturel version of that hahahaha


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I love this sissy slut of mine

One of my fave sissy sluts , with the best outfits, and sluttiest personalities … I don’t have to threaten this little bitch , she just does it because she knows what a slut she is . How refreshing , and here she is in her new outfit ….. My little fuck toy

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Who remember little clit dick mic

They don’t get much smaller than this tiny clit dick , what the fuck is that , next to his pinky finger hahahaha . 3” hahahahahaahahaha


This tiny little clit dick loser has been drinking spunk out of condons he’s been taking from his flat mates bin!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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jimmy can’t resist

5am and he can’t resist serving as my slut … it was only yesterday he had a mouth full of cock at the glory hole, and here he is wanking his tiny loser clit dick , and wishing he had a cock in his mouth again …

She is such a weak bitch , really about time we got her in some panties and turned her into a sissy bitch to sell instead of giving her away all the time.

And this little fuck hole needs filled too

Her little clit is so hard thinking about getting more cock , and she’s getting panties on her way home tonight, so we’ll finally have some panty pics of her up , everyone who has asked why I don’t turn her into a sissy … watch this space….

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Shy slut again , ready to suck

Shy slut is ready to have her holes filled .. .she’s had a £200 offer on a booking , but we have decided to train the little whore first , tempting though it is to sell her virginity , or raffle it off… She’s going to suck her first cock , for free, and after that we’ll see how she performs, and perhaps send her out to work ….. She makes such a great sissy slut …


Perfect little sissy


Going to sell her so well , going to be an in demand little slut


Anyone in Newcastle want to fuck her face or pussy , get in touch with me


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Pathetic drunk little prisoner of mine

I have everything I neeed to make this little slut mine ……. And now I have …
Pathetic small cocked little loser , better start to panic, because things are about to get messy . The whole street wants to see what this little pathetic slut looks like naked , so perhaps it’s time that I turned up and showed them . Pathetic single little loser lost his gf to another man who got her pregnant, and even after he found out , he begged her to stay cos no other fucker is ever going to want him.


I think it’s time we got that fuck hole pounded and turn this drunk little slut into my bitch.


haha let’s get him absolutely wasted and turn him into property


Someone got made to the washing up … Naked HAHAHA


and then this happened

hahaha he is so pathetic, such a fun little puppet to fuck up , I can do whatever I like with him , especially when he’s in this state , he’s drank a lotttt, and now he’s mine .


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My new little slut

I have a new slut to join us …… she’s a little scared pussy , we need to train her up , and get her sluttier, got her outside tonight, dressed as a little whore for me . slutty
Someone’s scared and lurking in the shadows.

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Slut needs a fucking

The cheap whore we tried to get fucked all year is desperate to get her whore holes filled …. So let’s put her in her best slutty outfit and pimp her profile and get her laid …. someone must want to fill her with cum .




The photo doesn’t show just how well those little bitch tits are growing … Definitely going to be enough for a tit wank before long . She will fuck anything, old , young, fat , disgusting , men , women, trans …. No limits ….

The little schoolie outfit is just so fucking slutty , really suits out , note the little hard clitty poking through her panties – she’s gagging for it …


really fuckable, and Jerome’s agreed that if no one else fucks her, he will do the honours hahaha …. must send him these photos of her wearing the tartan skirt for him , and maybe one on her knees, mouth open , ready to take his cock .


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She’s back

After all that whining and begging to get free… she is back , welcome back to my sluts, Jimmy .. AKA Katie .. Sucking cock for me already . She’s addicted.


Desperate to get that little whore hole filled.


Ordered her to get some new panties, so we can turn her back into a proper sissy slut . She’s agreed to let Jerome have a go on her …. Lucky her 😉

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I’ve adopted a pig

Not exactly a micro pig is she , but she’s the next best thing. My slutty little piggy whore. The outfit couldn’t look better on anyone , she really pulls it off well :)))) Not only that , but little piggy has been sucking cock for me this xmas holidays !! Finally I’ve witnessed her with her first cock in her mouth , I have photographic evidence of this new slutty high for the memory bank , but as she’s been such an obedient little slut pig, I’m going to blur her face out when I have some time , before sharing with the world —– No she wasn’t wearing her best piggy outfit for cock sucking, but maybe next time 😀


Doesn’t she make the best little slutty piglet you guys could ever dream up


Anyone want to fuck my little piggy?


We need her dressed as a piggy and taking my cock in her rape hole, listening to her little piggy screams and then feeding her from Jerome’s black monster cock .


Jerome would cum over those pink stockings in a heart beat , and my little piggy will show him what a good slut I’ve turned her into , by licking up every last drop .

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