hhaah Jimmy from last night …

She tried so hard but failed to stay away . Back to the glory hole for her tomorrow and she’s going to take cock for me like a good little slutty whore.

this tiny little clit dick is never going to get anything more than cock in her face and fuck hole . She’s already getting attention from some of you reading , especially as she’s the first update in a while, and there used to be so many photos of her on here , with her little descent into sluttyness. HAHAHA

hahaha what a pathetic sight ! Tiny little clit dick on my fag toy.


Arrow to the little clitty , because you could be excused for missing it altogether haha . Jimmy I know you’re reading this and wanking that tiny little maggot cock . Such a desperate little cum hungry whore . Don’t bother trying to get away again , this should show you that it’s never going to happen , you always come crawling back .

hahaha her clit is so fucking tiny , time to write some fan signs for me slutty , and a nice label for what she really is now .


And the perfect label for a little loser like Jimmy —- I might have to send one of my studs round to her house, to test out her whore holes .


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A little slut

This little slut who freaked out a while ago , and bid me farewell for ever (he paid the price in every way ) has not been able to control himself, or his tiny little clit dick , and look who is here AGAIN hahahaha .

And with a little tiny hard clitty , which hasn’t grown since his dramatic departure last year hahaha What a grade A loser . His clit dick is one of the smallest on this site . He’s now a regular cock sucker, and spends time hanging out by the glory hole , waiting for cocks to feed his fag face ahahaha


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Little victim tied up

I’ve got this little slut tied up , all night long if I decide , what a pathetic little bitch . Tied by her neck until I forced her to order a chastity belt, and now tied by her ankle , pulling her across the room , while her pathetic clit and balls are tied stretched to the opposite side of the room , what a pathetic little fuck slut she is hahahahaha , How long should I keep her locked up — Maybe all night, she has work in the morning at 9am , so I could unlock her at 8.30 , got to make sure she gets to work on time, so I can keep taking her money hahahaha

I also have her work details and time she’s going to be there, I might just have to pop in and say hello, would be nice to meet her colleagues, bet they’re under some illusion she’s a man , maybe I Should show them otherwise … She’s not only tied up , but also wearing knickers she stole from her flat mate hahahaha


Her pathetic little tied clit peeking out the top of her knickers , or out of her flat mate’s knickers, hahahaha I have her home address too , I should think about popping round and showing her flat mate photos of my slut violating her knickers , don’t think she’d be her flat mate for much longer haha .


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Clare in slut rehab

Given that clare’s currently giving up being a sissy slut, and decided to try her hand at being a real man — I think she’s doing pretty fucking great hahahahahaha take a look at Clare’s attempts at being a real man ….
Tiny little clit dick , it’s a fraction of the size of the cock I rape her with hahaha , such a pathetic little slut , hungry for big black cock .


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hahaha look at her tiny limp clitty hanging there , so pathetic, good for nothing apart from giving clare her sissygasms , while she tries desperately to stop slutting up for me, she’s never going to stop , she’s an addicted little sissy whore for me, she’s one of the sluttiest , I don’t think that’s a good sign she’s going to be ditching her knickers any time soon hahahaha



we have to stretch that little slutty whore hole nice and wide and get her a nice fuck pussy made. Pump up your butt plug bitch , let’s stretch that cunt .





such a perfect little slutty bitch , she looks so so much better dressed like a little sissy whore , than pretending to be a man . I have all her id and full male photos – and I can tell everyone 1000x over that she is better sticking to being a slut , she looks like nothing as a ‘man’ , but as a sissy cum loving, cock sucking slut for me, she is perfect hahaha keep up the good work clare , never mind trying to ditch your knickers!



hahaha can not resist sharing this last one , look at that tiny clit rested on top of the big black cock —— that right there is the reason that Jerome remains my stud , and Clare remains my slut …


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Slut looks good in her slutty shoes

I create the best little cum loving fuck toys…..
This one is coming along just nicely , I think we need to give her a slutty name .


Spunks on shoes and licks it up for me, training her to guzzle all her cum loads, get her addicted and start feeding her Jerome’s cum


Slutty body looks much better dressed as a sissy fem slut than pretending to be a man , should be my full time sissy whore


Pathetic little sissy clit , tiny next to her dildo and her dildo isn’t that big ! Time to stretch her whore hole again , Jerome has 10.5 inches, if she’s ever going to serve us together she needs training , rape training .


hahaha slutty shoes !!! The shoes she guzzles her spunk off . Pathetic little sissygasm for me every night and then slurp slurp .


What do you think we should call her ?

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My little cum hungry slut

My little cum slut is turning into a real whore …..

Yes yes yes you are a whore, my whore , let’s train her up and pimp her out

Piggy tail for my perfect slutty pig


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clare the slut got some sting in her step hahaha

hahaha covered this little sluts clit in deep heat, and then a little extra for her fuck hole too, never seen her in so much pain or looking so pathetically slutty hahaha



These black stockings really suit the little whore


Funny to think this is the little slut who was trying to quit dressing up as a whore for me …. seems like that’s really going well



Hopping around and trying to play with her clitty on my order but struggling against the pain of the deep heat hahahaha

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Little slut Alex is back again

This little whore is never getting away hahaha, here she is again , crawling back and begging for my attention. I’m going to build up her slut wardrobe and turn her back into a slutty sissy play toy . She only has her panties left , how disappointing, I guess the pathetic little bitch was trying to get free, we all knew it wouldn’t last forever .


More fondly known as Crystal , we’ll make a proper cock sucking whore out of her yet …..


Some little sluts never change ,



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clare the slut in her knickers

The slut gets weaker every time she comes back from more , fighting an addiction , in a fight she’s never going to win . A total broken sissy slut, weak for my tits and weak for being a maid for me.

And she suits it so much .


Who wants to rape this slutty ass… I DO hahahaha

No escape for clare.

Even with her disappointment in herself for caving into her pathetic weakness once more , little slut still couldn’t resist fucking her fingers with her tiny little clit dick ….


This happened seconds later , she has absolutely no self control, really fucking slutty little bitch couldn’t wait to cover her panties in cum


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slut has new bra and knickers

Don’t they suit her , and the piggy tail is fixed in place while these photos happened. Finding it easier to slide the tail in her whore hole for me …..

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Dirty little bitch for me


Couldn’t control herself


Blue is definitely her colour hahaha


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