Clare the stripper does a tease

Got her in my net , stupid little stripper ….. And I have her driving license … ;)

Doesn’t this little whore make the funniest stripper, so pathetic watching her humiliate herself for me . Which of my studs shall we have her fucked with .

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Another chastity slut in my control

This little slut is going to be locked in chastity all week , and then trained for longer and longer until her tiny little maggot clitty belongs to me , not that it’s the greatest of achievements ,  as you can see she really does not have much going on in her knickers.   Again I have arrowed the little work , just for those who could be excused for missing it altogether .   God she is fucking pathetic ! What a joke .   Andddd to top it all off, she very nearly got caught today by a knock on the door, while dressed in her little french maid outfit and her knickers round her knees, hahaha , things are not looking good for you Clare , the most amazing thing is , she promised me 3 months ago she would never be back to see me again and that she was turning over a new leaf…. that worked out well didn’t it , loser.  Resistance is futile.  Once a broken little slut bitch , always a broken little slut bitch .

I won.


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Little slut gets broken

My little slut in her pink knickers –  pathetic little broken bitch …… She’s going to follow all my orders and we’re going to turn this little slut into a full time little whore.

eva hahaa look at that slutty ass , training that slutty mouth to suck , jerome has offered to fuck her face, so let’s get that throat ready for his cock ……. hahaha when Amanda sees this she is not going to be impressed.


ahahahahahaha oh my days , look at the little maggot , it’s peeking out , little clitty !  Glad this little whore realises she’s better of staying as a fem slut for me, and working as my whore,  her fiance says she’s at work , but she’s probably riding a real cock right now, while the little slut trains as my whore HAHA

eva3Ive had to put an arrow pointing out the tiny clitty in case anyone missed it , you could be excused for missing such a tiny little slug …. not really a cock is it .

let’s compare it to the toy —– which isn’t that big either , but next to the slug , anything is massive hahahahaha .

eva4 Enough of the little clit dick , it’s time to start on her fuck hole – the slut has had some training, that pussy stretched round that cock head without a problem , but the whore was made to use toothpaste instead of lube , we’ll get her a white creamy mess, exactly how she’s going to be when Jerome’s sliding his big black cock in and out of her , and covering her with spunk !

eva5That tiny little clitty is almost invisible , check it out in this next photo, it’s not even the size of my little pinky . What a broken little slut, she is going to make the perfect little fuck slut for Jerome.

eva6  the little cunt is stretching nicely , and swallowing up that orange cock – which is a better resemblance of a cock compared to what Eva has hanging between her legs …..

Look at the cunt swallowing the cock for me …. we have progress from this whore

eva7 And now we have a well fucked pussy and a gaping cunt , what a gaping slut hole, definitely ready for a pounding from Jerome’s beautiful cock .


And the results of this stretched pussy ready for stud cocks ( or any of you who want to fuck her )

eva9  wow , her new bikini has just arrived, actually the bikini belongs to Amanda , the fiance who has no idea the ‘man’ she is going to marry is sucking cock for me ….. of course we had to try out the new pink bikini , it would have been rude not to .

hahahahaha , she just gets sluttier and sluttier , she’s really getting the hang of being a little fuck slut ….. no limits , ready to be whored out in public.

eva14  And she fills that little fuck hole for me with more tooth  paste to burn her cunt , mouth filled with cock , fuck hole filled with paste and ready for my fist .


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Just a little warning

warning  A little warning to you , slut ….. You try to escape me , ever again , and your name joins this photo ….as does your slutty face.

And with a cock as big as this … you have so much to be proud of don’t you … what a beast!  Lucky Kazzer

tinycock and those tits needed a pretty bra , so we stole one from his wife .. yup that;s right , this tiny pin pricked loser, actually has wife LOL  some poor woman ( kazzer) puts up with that 3 inch clit dick , and now here s/he is in her bra for me !


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you better get in touch

2014-11-08 03.17.44 Or there’ll be a name and face to this little maggot , and Larissa will get to find out the kind of ‘man’ she has working for her !  I will expect a message from you within 24 hours , Loser !

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Stupid slut

Her tits are getting bigger , her little clitty is getting smaller, what a catch . Had her fucked on Monday night , 2 guys , bareback , both came inside her , she’s turning into quite the expert … Her name … Katie … some of you might recognise this tiny little slug between her legs , as belonging to Jimmy , but now she has a name that suits her . Anyone interested in videos of this whore, personalised and exclusive , send the requests my way , and the same goes for anyone who lives local to this slut in Edmonton in Alberta , or wants to travel for a free fuck .. get in touch with me for details .



She swallows that bottle up with that stretched cunt so easily , turned her into a real cock loving little bitch …. and her little clitty is shrinking as she gets fatter and grows those tits …… Check out the diminishing clitty maggot hahaa


jimmysmith2     So fucking tiny , pathetic little thing !!!

The growing tits , the shrinking clit , what a perfect little slut katie is going to be …..Now we just need some regulars to fuck her !


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Christine op het veld

The slut is back on the market , and she is not a sissy slut , but a real true to life female , albeit an old slut , she still was born with a cunt , and that cunt needs fucking ….. She’s gagging for cock…. so who wants to fuck her ?  Just drop me a mail , we are desperate to get this little whore fucked by as many cocks as we can !


She’s fuck for cheap , she’s take it up her arse, in her face, down her throat , on her old tits,  in her hair ….. and if we can get her a big black cock even better .


The ideal plan would be to organise an orgy for her , we need as many cocks as possible to fuck this bitch , whose up for it , drop me a mail .   I’m thinking about 20-30 people to fuck her .


Her street Middelst horst

Town- Baarlo

If anyone happens to know her , do drop me a mail , and we can give things the personal touch .

We’re also going to make a porno , and if anyone would like a copy , get in touch , especially if you can attend the gang bang . Free copy of the movie to anyone who fucks this slut .

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cock sucker

We’re going to get her trained and sucking cock before Amanda finds out , wouldn’t want to ruin that pathetic little relationship now would we ….. Where would Amanda be without her 4 inch cock … Probably sat on a 12 inch one ;-)


slut  She’s so worried about Amanda finding out, but she knows she needs to be my little cock munching bitch , and I have her now , right where I want her ….

It’s so fucking small, It’s not a cock by definition …. just a little maggot in between her legs .



What a disaster , she’s cockless haha , such an ugly tiny maggot .


lolz  The orange dildo isn’t the biggest in the world, but it looks like a beast next to this little peanut dick LOL


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hahaha be careful what you wish for

Watch your step slut … be a good little whore and no one gets hurt ;-)


erv hahaha, silly little bitch slipped up big time . That tiny clitty came out when the girlfriend’s toy came out … Wow it sure made her clit look fucking pathetic .. AS IT IS !

And then I got her face , completely exposed, and not only her face, her gf of 5 years name , her own work place , full address, and names… hahaha ….. this slut better be careful .




THAT’S BETTER!   get it right in !  At first this little pussy was only taking an inch or so , she could just about smuggle the head in , with a struggle , but now her gaping pussy is just begging to be fucked , look how it has managed to swallow up that orange toy .


irv2We thought we better give her a cock extension, so we extended the little fuck sluts cock by a couple of inches, but ramming a Q tip , covered in tooth paste down the end for her …. She couldn’t actually believe the order when I told her what I expected from her ….”oh really ????”

hahahaha and proof it happened is here…


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stupid fucking Slave , Barbie

Welcome to Barbie’s pussy !   A new addition to our collection of sluts.  Such a slutty little pointy face this one, and a slutty cock hungry smile . Who wants to fuck her ? Answers on a post card.



hahaha  and now Barbie opens her mouth wide for cock , takes it deep and gets ready to swallow . This little bitch is going to be a perfect little fuck toy for me and my friends.  We have been spoiled with little sluts lately , but this one looks like a real slutty princess. let’s get her holes pounded.

fuckinfslave2 Anyone who wants to call her, can contact her directly on this phone number 219 628 5149 or you can add me to skype strictukmistress and I will give you more details on the slut and when she will be available for fucking.  She can also be mailed directly on

Everyone drop her a line and tell her what a slutty bitch she makes.


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