My dirty shit pig


Guess what slut wrote this in!

HAHAHAHA This little piggy likes to roll about in shit – He really brings out my sick and twisted side, and I love to abuse his pathetic body and make him as dirty as I feel like …. He’s playing around in 3 week old SHIT .. how fucking disgusting, and the piggy is moaning about the smell ! HAHAHAHAHAHA – Sure as SHIT , I am glad he’s sat at his pc and not besides me , Distance is required to serve this dirty little piggy ! And i’m going to realllllly make him suffer !

He had some left, so he made a nice little heart on his piggy face for me, and tried to hide behind his shit sign ! LOL – This piggy has really suffered tonight, and it’s given me such a laugh . An evil laugh , but a laugh all the same !

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