Denise the slut , who wants her

Who wants to fuck this perfect little pussy . I must admit I didn’t even realise this slut was a sissy , she sure makes a perfect whore ……. With that little clitty tucked away and a nice pair of bouncing titties, she will make any man happy …… this little cum bucket is for stretching and training, already agreed one stud cock to fuck her whore holes …. Jerome will be fucking that hole and giving me some feedback …… Her outfit is just brilliant !


deniseslut The little pussy got a stretching tonight, while slut admitted that she loves the smell from her own puss puss ….. She got a good finger fucking , I managed to extract her male name, profession and location … she is mine now …. and she’s going to get so fucked . Jerome can’t wait .  He’s eager to stick his huge cock in her , and blackmailed fag toy is going to be made a complete whore.

Some more training from the slut


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  1. jacquetje says:

    i love how You seduce people and then extract all the information You need ot control them. It sounds so tempting, to play for You and then to get cauhgt and owned

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