Jimmy is still giving it away free

Still getting her little whore holes raped, for free… still not charging , the little clit dick is still not a well trained cock sucker , enough to charge , even though she’s getting her face fucked several times a week , not to mention that little fag hole , which has taken a nice pounding from a black stud 3 nights ago …… Look at that pathetic little clitty , we should put it in panties ASAP .




And the fuck hole …. Ready for another rape  🙂


And the hole after a good fucking hahaha , so trained for cocks now, she really is a little blackmailed gay queen hahaha



Time to use that little clitty as an ash tray , the only problem is , it’s so fucking tiny , that it barely holds any ash ….. Worth a try , as that tiny little clit dick , attached to a little fuck slut , really isn’t worth much more than an ash tray .

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