Christine op het veld

The slut is back on the market , and she is not a sissy slut , but a real true to life female , albeit an old slut , she still was born with a cunt , and that cunt needs fucking ….. She’s gagging for cock…. so who wants to fuck her ?  Just drop me a mail , we are desperate to get this little whore fucked by as many cocks as we can !


She’s fuck for cheap , she’s take it up her arse, in her face, down her throat , on her old tits,  in her hair ….. and if we can get her a big black cock even better .


The ideal plan would be to organise an orgy for her , we need as many cocks as possible to fuck this bitch , whose up for it , drop me a mail .   I’m thinking about 20-30 people to fuck her .


Her street Middelst horst

Town- Baarlo

If anyone happens to know her , do drop me a mail , and we can give things the personal touch .

We’re also going to make a porno , and if anyone would like a copy , get in touch , especially if you can attend the gang bang . Free copy of the movie to anyone who fucks this slut .

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  1. Bo says:

    Heard about this slut want to fuck her

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