Little slut gets broken

My little slut in her pink knickers –  pathetic little broken bitch …… She’s going to follow all my orders and we’re going to turn this little slut into a full time little whore.

eva hahaa look at that slutty ass , training that slutty mouth to suck , jerome has offered to fuck her face, so let’s get that throat ready for his cock ……. hahaha when Amanda sees this she is not going to be impressed.


ahahahahahaha oh my days , look at the little maggot , it’s peeking out , little clitty !  Glad this little whore realises she’s better of staying as a fem slut for me, and working as my whore,  her fiance says she’s at work , but she’s probably riding a real cock right now, while the little slut trains as my whore HAHA

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eva3Ive had to put an arrow pointing out the tiny clitty in case anyone missed it , you could be excused for missing such a tiny little slug …. not really a cock is it .

let’s compare it to the toy —– which isn’t that big either , but next to the slug , anything is massive hahahahaha .

eva4 Enough of the little clit dick , it’s time to start on her fuck hole – the slut has had some training, that pussy stretched round that cock head without a problem , but the whore was made to use toothpaste instead of lube , we’ll get her a white creamy mess, exactly how she’s going to be when Jerome’s sliding his big black cock in and out of her , and covering her with spunk !

eva5That tiny little clitty is almost invisible , check it out in this next photo, it’s not even the size of my little pinky . What a broken little slut, she is going to make the perfect little fuck slut for Jerome.

eva6  the little cunt is stretching nicely , and swallowing up that orange cock – which is a better resemblance of a cock compared to what Eva has hanging between her legs …..

Look at the cunt swallowing the cock for me …. we have progress from this whore

eva7 And now we have a well fucked pussy and a gaping cunt , what a gaping slut hole, definitely ready for a pounding from Jerome’s beautiful cock .


And the results of this stretched pussy ready for stud cocks ( or any of you who want to fuck her )

eva9  wow , her new bikini has just arrived, actually the bikini belongs to Amanda , the fiance who has no idea the ‘man’ she is going to marry is sucking cock for me ….. of course we had to try out the new pink bikini , it would have been rude not to .

hahahahaha , she just gets sluttier and sluttier , she’s really getting the hang of being a little fuck slut ….. no limits , ready to be whored out in public.

eva14  And she fills that little fuck hole for me with more tooth  paste to burn her cunt , mouth filled with cock , fuck hole filled with paste and ready for my fist .



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1 Response to Little slut gets broken

  1. Sissy says:

    Ty Ma’am for teaching me to be a good little whore and helping my stretch my tight sissy cunt out. I still have toothpaste, ice , and chocolate sauce in my ass as i head out to dinner with my fiance.

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