haha someone’s growing moobs for me

Any takers for fucking these moobs? Let’s get this little virgin fucked finally , those moobs are getting bigger every week , and she’s still not managed to find someone who wants to use her fuck holes, maybe we need to start looking a bit harder , there again , she is a pathetic little shit, it’s little wonder no one has been interested this far. She thought about offering herself to old women – but I’m guessing no old woman is going to want a little bitch like her , maybe an old man would though ! 😉
moobies check out the growing tits, she’s going to be a perfect sissy slut , I can see those tits with a splattering of cum over them already , she just needs to get that hair waxed off and those bitch nipples stretched with some weights, and we’ll have a perfect set of tits for fucking hahahaha

Brighton … if anyone is local and fancies a fuck slut in training, this transforming bitch would love it .

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