Clit dick …..vids to come ?

Clit dick has agreed , or potentially agreed to star in some movies with me some point during 2017 ……..  I think this little clitty will never be wanted by anyone every , so the fact I want it in my movies, should be something he should really take advantage of .  hahahaha , it will give me the greatest laugh , and my friends ….. and of course everyone who follows me here .

It really is a pathetic sight , he really is a pathetic owner hahaha .

clitdick  I spy with my little eye … actually I don’t , where the fuck did it go .  HAHAHAHA

Oh here it is ……

clitdick2  almost hahahaha , it’s like hunting for a needle in a hay stack .   It barely exists .  No wonder he can’t get laid , what can he really do with a clit dick like that … apart from come to serve me and star in my videos . hahaha Might as well at least make me some money.

clitdick3  And THAT is all there is ………..  THE END .  HAHAHAHAHAHA

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