Little Jimmy the cock sucker

Little Jimmy was sucking cock before xmas, and getting fucked in her whore hole a few weeks before, this slut really is broken and being used by studs.   No fucking wonder when you check the size of her little baby dick , and her addiction to fucking her fingers,  such a little cum dump loser.

   She’s already squirted out of that loser clit dick once today , and here she is , fucking her fingers again , desperate to squirt, like the little loser whore she is .

Someone’s fuck hole is crying out to be filled , pathetic little cock hungry bitch needs to be raped .

  Her little loser clit dick hanging there


Can barely see it once she has her hand wrapped round it , no wonder we’ve turned her into the sissy bitch that she is .  She has been instructed to  buy new panties to wear for me next week .  The whore thought it was a good idea to throw out her knickers to avoid getting caught by people helping her move flat , if she doesn’t replace them , and quick , she’s going to have a whole lot more to worry about

   Gaping whore hole , could take Jerome’s cock no problem , and milk his cum right out into her .

We have decided to get this whore fucked tonight …… Updates to follow .

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