Lucious just can’t stop

This little whore is addicted to edging her little clitty ……… she just can’t stop .  She’s back again and looking very fuckable . Jerome and Rebecca would help me fill her whore holes and have her screaming .     About time this little slut got taught how to be a good little cum whore.   Last night she was desperate to make her clitty squirt, and wasn’t allowed to , because she didn’t make 3 real cocks cum in time.  HAHAHA left frustrated and desperate , and trying to milk cocks dry …… whore training

The little whore loves using her hitatchi wands on her clitty , like a proper little sissy bitch fem slut .  She’s addicted , to that and sucking cock .

  Look at her big tits, they bounce as she’s sucking down on that big black cock .  Noisy little slut she is too .

Look at her outfit , her little clitty poking out of her skirt, desperate to squirt as always , and her big bouncing tits ready for a nice big cock to slide between them and shoot a load in her face.  She’d love that .

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