Slutty whore is desperate

Look at this locked slut , only been locked by me 2.5 weeks ago , and already crumbling into a pathetic slutty mess, offering to do anything for me.   Look at her begging to have her photos exposed on here hahahahah , that’s a new one !

Nevermind a blackmail slave, this little whore, is desperate to be shown to the world.  I own her , I conrol her. I can do anything I like with her.   I’ve set her a task , interesting … She’s going to bring me a female, and I’m going to break her too, and have two whores under my power… watch this space.  If that doesn’t work , well I can always whore out her face and pussy , I mean look at that pussy she has stretched wide open for me.


Look at her begging to be exposed.  Nothing matters to her anymore, all that matters to her is taking my orders, serving her goddess like a good little fuck toy .

Now show us all that pussy slut

Bend over, time to fuck that slut hole


I think slut needs to spread WIDER for mistress


Not quite wide enough , you’re never going to get Jerome’s cock in that whore hole …. prize it apart like a cheap whore, rip yourself open slut


Her loser cock makes her weak for me , locked away for a couple of weeks and it has made me the object of her universe, I am all she can think about.   I owned her before but this takes things to a whole new level of control, and those of you locked for me , know it.

Stay locked whore… I’m not unlocking you until you bring that lady to me….  TBC .

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