new locked little chastity bitch

This little bitch has been locked now for almost a week …. and from today she has gained a number lock , so I can keep proper tabs on her until I get a hard lock on her pathetic little clit dick , which I intend to do very soon .   We are holding a party for this little bitch , in which she’s going to be locked by my friends and I .     After that she will be lucky if she ever gets to cum again … and she knows it .

  Chastity whore has lost all control of her pathetic cock and her pathetic orgasms .  What a joke she is .  And now All mine.


My broken chastity bitch hahahaha , no more say in when she squirts, or if she ever squirts, it’s all up to me.    Last time she fucked anything but her hand was a year ago , and now she’s never going to fuck again .

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