slutty lush is dressed again

Look at the little whore, edging her pathetic little clitty all night, desperate to squirt …… dressed in her new mask , looking like a real little whore.


   Her little slut hole is plugged and stretched like it should be , she loves it . Cock cravin little sissy for us .  My friends and I are going to have fun with this little whore, we could make her do anything.  She sells herself on chaturbate for tips , ntakes their orders, canes her slutty ass,  has her wands on her clitty , fucks her ass, sucks dildos … a real broken little tart .

Such a brokn whore, let’s get her face fucked, about time…. Take it bitch , suck it like a good little slut.

Force feeding herself black cock , sucking like a whore….. Penis gag strapped to her face,  little whore should always be doing one or the other.

That’s it , slutty , show u those titties ……. Slutty nipples ready for Jerome and Rebecca’s cum , and this little whore will lick it all up like a good little cum guzzler.


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