Clare the fuck toy

Look at what a little whore she is , new camera, slutted up , her little pathetic clitty is leaking through her pantyhose, and she’s gobbling it up , like a little cum bitch for me .


Isn’t she slutty , look at that slutty ass, crying out for cock in it

Tiny little clitty peeking out

She’s better off staying as a fem whore with a little leaking clitty like that


And a big fuckable ass like this

   Even got some sexy slutty tits for Jerome to spunk over


And her fuck hole plugged up with a black dildo like it should be

Spread them wide clare, like a good little whore… time to take all the cocks, for Mistress

There’s a good girl

And behave yourself , or mistress will be showing everyone who  you are ….. Clare the whore .

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  1. steve says:

    very cute

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