Slutty clare desperate to squirt

This little whore is desperate to make her clitty squirt, she will do anything . Dressed like my little fem bitch , and her pussy tightly plugged, let’s turn this little bitch into a proper sissy slut.


Look at that pathetic little clitty peeking out her knickers and dress.  What a little fuck slut she is . So desperate and pathetic, Jerome can’t wait to have his way with this little whore.  Dance like a good little bitch clare, show everyone what you’re made of , show us what a good little desperate sissy whore you are for mistress, I can’t wait until I can sell this little bitch in my dungeon  That’s it , bend right over and spank that slutty ass, everyone wants to see my hand prints on that slutty ass of yours.  Get those panties pulled down and spank it , hard !

And she did just as I told her to , look at my signature on her slutty ass…

She’s so desperate to make that loser maggot clit squirt, she will do literally anything for us .  Our little broken whore, weak and pathetic, just how I like them.  Let’s get that pathetic little clitty clamped,  such a small worm , really should suffer.

  hahaaha, that’s better , now beat those pathetic balls with a ruler, and spank that little clitty for me .  Let me see how broken you are for me , little bitch .  You belong to me.

as ordered … spanking it hard for me , suffering for me like a good little whore, and begging me to let her squirt .  So fucking pathetic .

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