This little whore is still locked

Still locked since the start of the year, and still my cock controlled little bitch .  Not only but I have also started to control his love life , one which I made him create, especially to get me a fem whore…..

someone is ready to get fucked for me

Suck it like a good little fucking bitch

Spread nice and wide for me, some training so I can get her ready to whore her out .


  That fuck slut ass needs spanking

And it needs fucking … slide it all the way in for me bitch …. take it like my whore .

  Changed her panties to show what a good little fem bitch she is for me . This broken little slut really is my property .   Look at her desperate for cock .  Her pussy needs to be filled.  She craves it .  She needs it like a slut .

Little slut her in blue knickers, taking dildo in her whore hole like a good little bitch for me.     Soon I’m going to have her and her girlfriend working for me.  They’re both my whores.

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