Slutty chris , looking dirty

This little bitch looks like such a whore in her panties. Hiding upstairs from his wife Zoe , and wearing her panties for me. He’s going to be a proper little bitch for me on Saturday , when Zoe’s out the house . How pathetic can you get . Better photos to follow , when I slut her up on Saturday .

little whore for mistress

Someone looks slutty !

Such a dirty little fuck slut, needs to learn a lesson .

I’m sure I could whore out this little bitch … Look at that little clitty tucked away in her panties.

Making an effort in her slutty wig and panties …. we should get this bitch a pole to dance around .

The whore is buying me a PVC bra as I type …. She’s weak and pathetic for them , and it means I’ll have it by saturday , to really break her and ruin her …. the pathetic wimp is going to learn .

Dirty whore making a mess in her knickers .

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