Slutty clare

This little whore always looks so good slutted up in pink . She really needs her whore holes filled, and she has no shortage of offers waiting to bone her . Pathetic little sissy slut for me, she tries to get away , time after time, but she always ends up here, broken for me and on her knees. Waiting to be whored like my good little fuck toy .

Look at her in her stockings and pink garter

So fucking pathetic, she can’t keep her hands off her over wanked tiny little clitty . It’s one of the ugliest little pathetic clittys Ive ever seen , she has to keep it in her panties at all times around me, that little ugly slug is something I do not need to see.

Little clitty tucked away

She doesn’t have much going on between her legs , but her whore ass looks good in a pair of knickers ….. ready for a good fucking, and she has a butt plug ready for just that .

Little clit in panties , looks so weak and pathetic

Think it’s time to rape that whore ass, Clare. Bend over

Bent over ready for cock

Definitely time to get her fucked. This bitch needs filling, it’s pretty much all she’s good for, that and sucking cock , dancing like a prissy sissy , being a little fluffer for me.

Dancing like a whore , ready for cock

This will rape the little slut perfectly

Fucking time.
Getting it lubed up for me

And now to rape her pathetic little whore hole and stretch her a pussy . This bitch deserves it .

Shove it in nice and deep

Got the little whore all plugged up , like she should always be, that pussy needs to be properly trained

Tight little pussy all plugged up , about time it got stretched . Jerome is dying for a go on this whore.

She should be a lap dancer, does anyone want a dance, this little whore will dance for free…..

striding the chair , what a whore

Someone is a cum hungry little cock whore for me , licking up cum for me , cum hungry bitch

Guzzle guzzle
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