Little mick and his tiny prick

Amy , what do you see in this little cocked loser
No wonder he spends his evenings guzzling spunk for you , at least you have him in his place.

It’s so pathetic … we needed to turn the light on to locate it .

Next to a cigarette lighter. Amy is fucking a cock tonight and bringing home spunk to feed him hahahah, while the little pathetic bitch fucks his fingers for me.

He fucks his hand/fingers all night, while he’s waiting for her to come home with cum for him ….. that’s hiw sex life, guzzling cum from her, which she’s gathered for him , by fucking several cocks, none of which are his , anymore hahaha, his little baby dick is as good as useless

Barely even shows behind his fingers hahahahaha what a joke 6’2 and no cock .

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