This little whore is terrified of what can happen to him if he doesn’t listen to me … and he knows himself how much power I have over him . I love humiliating him , wrecking his pathetic orgasms, making him squirt into his hand for me, denying him the chance to squirt without my permission …….. Feast your eyes on this humiliated used little fuck toy .

hahaha Chad being used

Chad it’s time you spoiled me … Go and buy me TWO things from my wish list like a good little bitch …….

When your cock is as small as this …. you don’t get to call any shots , only living in fear of people finding out what a little hand fucker I’ve turned him into . He looks so fucking pathetic , bent double fucking his hand for me, like a desperate little slut, begging to squirt … even though he’s only ever allowed to squirt into his hand hahaha

Little slut , is humping the floor . This is sex for my little bitch . He doesn’t actually ever have sex, he doesn’t actually ever put his little loser cock in anyone, apart from while humping the group , pillow , sofa or his own hand …. And squirting like a little bitch when I command him to .

How fucking pathetic and used does he look
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