Kyle’s tiny little dick

Kyle’s tiny little dick needs to be punished after the pathetic little loser passed out while he was supposed to be serving me . This little whore is going to have to take some serious cock this weekend and we only have tomorrow left , so Kyle, you better get sucking

Pathetic fuck slut

Little whore should be used ….. He’s going to get some regulars this weekend, and has agreed that sucking won’t be kept to weekends only … His pathetic ass is ready to be turned into a pussy too …

Who is going to fuck this whore for me

His tiny little clitty makes him a real little bitch …. No wonder all he’s good for is taking cock . He doesn’t think he can make any money sucking cock , so instead , for years he’s been sucking it for me for free…

I disagree…. I’m sure even a slutty little bitch like this can make a few dollars having his mouth fucked by old men haha

Fucking his fingers with his little baby dick

His flat mate should be home soon , this pathetic bitch drinks from his flat mate’s condoms as training… who does that remind you all of … Mic !!! Small cocked Mic, used to drink from his flat mate’s condoms too, before he found his gf , who has since started saving her condoms while she fucks half the town , and brings them home for him to dring from … Maybe we could find Kyle such an accomodating whore too … Doubt that , better stick with the sauna , Kyle. Hahahaha

hahaha little slut’s cock next to a cigar ….. Some scale hahaha

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