Chad humping the cushion on the floor

Look at this little bitch , he only ever gets to hump , or fuck his hand, the only place he ever gets to squirt his cum is in his hand … pathetic little fuck toy for us to use and have fun with . hahahaha and his little dick is TINY .

Look at it, it almost doesn’t exist ….

No wonder he’s a little hand fucker for me, or finger fucker is more realistic given the size of it …. He’s one of the most pathetic little bitches when he’s made to squirt into his hand too, pathetic little whimper and sadly leaves hahaha

Chad wanking his little clitty … like a girl .. hahaha

compared to a toilet roll –=– the toilet roll wins hahahaha this isn’t a cock , this can’t be classed as a cock … on the plus side, this little slut has agreed to fluff my Jerome for me, and get a nice big cock hard for me to ride. It’s the only way he can give a big cock to a woman ….

The only thing slut gets to put his cock inside ….

And like magic , it’s vanishes. Spread legs , nice and wide, little pathetic clit dick on show ….. fucking his hand like my little broken loser …

Someone needs to squirt …

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