clare is slutting up for me tonight

Look at the little whore in her new outfit and wig … doesn’t she look slutty .
Little clitty peeking out her panties .

Time to fuck the whore in her rape hole .

such a cock hungry little sissy for me
Dirty little bitch needs to be fucked . Little fem whore needs cock .

No wonder this whore is a sissy slut .. Look at the size of her clitty compared to her BBC dildo .

She’s built to be a little sissy cock sucker for me

Cock sucking bitch needs to fill her throat with some cock .

What a good little whore she looks with her blonde locks….. Someone needs to help me rape her face

Bouncing on cock for me like a good little bitch .

Time to choke down on some cock for me, clare .. such a bitch
fill both whore hole likes a slut
Both whore holes filled deeply , and her little limp clit dick hangs like a little slug
Back to fucking her fingers like a little sissy fem whore …… who wants to bend her over.
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