Sluttybitchboy gets broken

Little Indian slut forced to wear panties for me …… This little whore has been serving me long before she got married, and she vowed not to come back after she’d tied the knot . I told her she would… and here she is .

Turn around bitch … Show me that slutty ass in panties

That’s better . Let’s have her edge her panthetic clitty and make her weak and slutty . Ready to suck for me

Edging her little clitty like a desperate slut , she thinks I’m going to let her squirt, but I’m not, I’m going to make her hump the floor like a dog

Making that pathetic little owned cock desperate to squirt for me before her wife returns .
Takes her less than 2 minutes to edge it on the floor. How pathetic can you get .

Her little clitty dick is the size of a lipstick haha , it really is a pathetic site , it’s so much better when it’s in panties

And here it is hahaha ….. so desperate to squirt . She was humping the floor for me in the office toilets yesterday . hahahaha
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