Lush- Slut

someone needs cock

This little whore needs cock for mistress

All the black cocks

Time to suck for me, like my little BBC nasty slut

Licking black cock …..

Suck it for me, bitch

She needs to have her face raped

Slide it down your throat like a whore.

All the way in , like a good little cock whore

Time to fill her ass with something bigger

bent over taking cock
Bounce on it, like a good little bitch … vibing her clitty like my desperate little whore
Look at that pathetic slutty little face , desperate to squirt with her whore holes filled

Legs spread and full of cock

Need to try the biggest in her whore hole , get her stretched . Ready for being fucked by me and my friends.

look at that little clitty , hard for her wands . Dirty nasty slut, full of cock

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