What a tiny clit dick ….

The comparison between clit dick and dildo hahahaha, and she moaned the dildo was too big for her pussy, even though it actually looks nothing like Jerome’s supersized cock .

Look at the contrast

Little dick

hahahahaha , what a ridiculous comparison

And here she is with her little clit dick in panties, where it belongs …. don’t they suit her ?

Such a small cock prissy sissy

This little bitch needed to be fucked so badly , the night before she could barely take half the cock insider her tight little pussy . Moaned about it being too tight and hurting too much , but last night it seems her pussy guzzled it up for me . She tried to sleep with it , tucked inside her panties, but failed. I guess we need to wait for her new toys to arrive. We have some on order for her whore holes.

She boo hoo’d when she saw which photos I’d shared, and said they were not the bed , she claimed the one with the toy stuck deep in her pussy was better.

And so here it is , I’m not feeling it myself

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