Chad returns

Of course fucking his hand again

There’s going to be no pussy for chad, ever again . So all he ever gets to do is fuck his hand . He loves and hates it hahahaha . He’s so addicted and can’t stop , but he hates that he has to undergo the humiliation, night after night, in front of us all .

Someone is growing bitch tits, they’re the only tits this loser will be getting his hands on

I’ve decided Chad some cum over lucious , so he’s going to print her out like a good little slut for me, and wank his cock over her for me . HAHAHA, as he’s never getting a woman , I might as well have him milk that cock over a sissy .

Look at the size of what he’s ‘working’ with hahaha

Everyone is so used to seeing this wanker boy jerking it , he’s really a hand fucking expert , but that is definitely all he’s good at . Sticking his cock in his hand, and squirting his cum into it . LOL

Someone isn’t any bigger than a toilet roll . What a stud . No wonder he’s turned into my pathetic hand fucking loser.

Fuck the toilet roll loser, it’s not like you can fuck a woman , so slide that little cock into the toilet roll ,and let me see.

Actually , not much to see is there, his little dick vanishes.

Exposing this little slut is so much fun , he just looks so pathetic, and his little dick looks even smaller when I force him to spread his legs for us.

Turn around and get ready for a dick in your whore hole bitch , look what a slut he looks from behind, I think he needs those whore holes filled.

Pathetic swinging balls while he fucks his hand for us.

look how tiny it is … he thought someone had come in and was about to catch him hahaha , panic ….. funny thing is, I’ve showed him off wanking to so many people

Look what I had him steal from me, from his house guest hahaha if only she knew that not only is he a pathetic addicted hand fucker, but now he’s using her panties.

pretty sissy panties

Wank your loser cock with them for me .

so cock controlled , his little hard dick in her panties
Doesn’t he suit them hahaha, his little clitty poking through them

Now he can’t wank his cock quite as easily . This pathetic little whore is almost sobbing with humiliation and regret …… but it makes it so much hotter to destroy him .

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