CHAD IS BACK and fucking his hand

Chad the little hand fucker is back tonight, even though he has visitor at home who he’d had to escape from because he’s that fucking desperate to fuck his hand for me.

What a fucking desperate pathetic loser.

Fucking his finger with his little clitty dick.

You can’t really appreciate how tiny this pathetic dick is without seeing it out of his fingers.

Look at that

Chad only ever gets to squirt in his hand, a few people have been asking if he’ll ever be allowed to squirt in a pussy. The answer is clear, and the answer is ‘no!’ . Pussy is saved for real men with real cocks, As Chad is a little hand fucker, he will never be classed as a real man and he will never get to squirt anywhere apart from into his own hand forever. How frustrating for poor pathetic Chad, but at least it gives us all a big laugh.

Chads little cock vanishes in the toilet roll hahaha

Got to tell the girls about this , what a fucking sight.
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