haha little mic and his little dick

Here’s a shout out to his girlfriend, who cuckolds Mic and fucks bigger cocks, she knows about him visiting me, and she knows he’s listed on here…. So this one’s for you, during your lock down and cock famine.

That’s why you need to fuck other men

It’s so pathetic how he fucks his fingers with his tiny cock hahaha, looks like such a joke.

Literally it’s about the size of his pinky finger hahaha what a fucking loser

As soon as this pandemic is over and she can get out, I know exactly where she’s going to be running, and it’s not going to be towards that maggot cock.

Now he’s desperately wanking it with his fingers, because he can’t wank it like a real man, because he isn’t one ! hahaha . Poor Amy, she actually fucks this clit dick once every two weeks, but she’s vowed no more fucking him ever again until she gets some of that big cock back inside her. She loves sucking cock too , and little Mic has no option but to let her go suck whoever she wants

Funny story , one of the guys she started sucking actually worked under little Mic, and was much younger than him, she was sucking a 17 yr old cock, while he was wanking his loser dick at home to the thought of her finally getting some real dick. Of course the young guy knew that his boss had a tiny little cock, and was only too happy to satisfy his woman hahahaha, So humiliating for the little loser .

Look at him wanking it like a pathetic little bitch

You guys who actually get to fuck Amy, might also like to know, that this pathetic little maggot cock has been swallowing down your spunk out of condoms Amy has saved for him and taken back for him. Before he got with her, he used to eat spunk from his flat mates bin, out of condoms he would collect, but now he has his own gf and his own delivery service of spunk filled condoms. So not only are you having to see to the needs of your bosses gf, you’re also feeding your boss with your semen . HAHAHAHAA He is a total fucking loser.

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