Chad the whore

Chad can’t get enough of being a little hand fucker, the only place chad gets to squirt is in his hand, this is his pathetic sex life, and he has guests staying with him at the moment, so he has to hide upstairs fucking his hand for me in secret like the little loser that he is.

little loser dick

And his cock is so pathetic, it barely makes it out of his hand, I remember some of you asked about Chad, I should get some live shows of him streaming some time so people can laugh at him while I make him fuck himself.

Spread your legs, Chad, and show everyone what you have, or what you don’t have, as the case may be.

It’s a blur because chad’s so busy fucking himself

Let’s get you on all fours, Chad, and start fucking your hand for me like that , like a humiliated exposed little bitch, just look at how his little clit dick hangs there, not even half a man this one.

Now fuck your hand like you do best, Chad, it’s good to have a skill, and Chad’s skill is fucking himself. HA HA HA HA

Wanking himself again, this is the only way that Chad ever gets to cum, he has no real sex life, never cums in a pussy or on a pair of tits, and never will, this is it for him from now… wanking his loser dick for my entertainment.

Turned him around to see if things would look any less pathetic, seems I got my answer =no.

Wank it like that for me chad, you know how addicted you are to making that little clit dick squirt.

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