Chad is jerking on the toilet

What a little loser. Forced to fuck his hand while hiding in the bathroom. Sat on the toilet and jerking his little loser dick. He has guests downstairs.

What a real humiliated little slut.

Better make use of the toilet rolls while we’re in there Chad. Hahaha

And like magic his little cockette vanishes. This is why he only gets to fuck his hand while real men get to fuck pussy. He’s frustrated and pathetic.

Jerking his pathetic dick.

Made Chad stand with his back to the wall, not allowed to even face his Mistress. Fucking his hand while facing the wall, and hiding in the bathroom.

What a little cock controlled wanker boy he is.

On the bathroom floor

Wanking on the bathroom floor. This little degraded loser will do anything for me. He’s addicted to fucking his hand as he’s not allowed to squirt anywhere else. His hand is his wife.

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