Slut couldn’t help herself

She keeps coming back even though she keeps trying to escape. That old chestnut. I’ve tried warning her, but it’s too late, she’s too far gone, everyone should see what a pathetic little broken whore this bitch really is. There’s no way out for her anymore, you should see the amount of money she drains to me, with no self control. That’s even after being blocked several times for pestering me too much, she simply returns, begs some more, and sends me all her money!

Lying on her back, waiting to get fucked.

Her little clitty has only actually been locked since yesterday, because she’s so fucking weak and horny, she can’t stop playing with herself.

Difference between the size of her locked clitty and her pink dildo.

She really is a lost cause. A pathetic little sissy slut at the bottom of the shag pile. No one is ever going to take this little whore seriously, and yet still she returns, over and over.

sucking slut, taking the cock down her throat

She can take it all the way down to the balls, like a choking little slut……

Her slutty holes are ready to be fucked and filled.. this bitch is never getting out, she’s so fucking weak it’s unreal.

She knows just how to pose for cock……. weak and cock hungry

The stupid sissy turned down the opportunity to spend tonight with a lady who had shown interest – but of course all silly sissy wanted was to come home and get fucked like a rag doll. Leave the sex for the real men!

Who wants to take her pussy for me

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