After some interesting time away .I’m back and I’ve captured myself another little slut …. Kevin …. Will he behave , or will his pictures end up on here .. an interesting night we’ve had so far — Fucking his hole with a toilet brush , had him riding on a huge cock with his mouth filled with butt plug , and cleaning up the mess his slut hole made, with his rag tongue … hahaha ..> more to come if this slut doesn’t behave . Yes I know you’ll be reading Kevin – Do you really want to end up here,with all these pathetic broken bastards….. Do you ?


tick tock …..

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  1. jacquetje says:

    As i know You Mistress Kevin will end up here for sure and rather earlier than later

  2. Mark Snow says:

    Hello Glorious Mistress,

    Would it be possible to be added to your rogues gallery without showing my face?

    Mark XxXxX

  3. David says:

    Awesome to see you back in action, hope you’re fit, well and just as ruthless as before x

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