Happy couple is getting fucked

Who remembers the happy couple —- She has left him HAHAHAHAHAHA , He is still a cock sucking little fag whore . AHHAHA Check this out
hahaha plenty more where that came from , and if you put a foot wrong slut boy , your face wil be exposed too, even though most the followers on this site , have already seen it . HAHAHA what a cock sucking little fag you are for me . HAHAHAHA a blackmailed cocksucker, blackmailed gay boy …. What a pathetic slut . No wonder Eun is getting fucked elsewhere … yes guys , forgot to metnion , his beautiful wife is fucking someone else, and about to fuck a guy I found for her . HAHAHA

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1 Response to Happy couple is getting fucked

  1. jacquetje says:

    Sounds like You continue your efforts to break her too. I am curious if he knows she is fucking someone else ? and if she knows his secret by now ?
    anyway an exciting case to follow

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