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A strict UK Mistress –  Here to control your mind and soul .  A strict dominant bitch who will control you and in time turn you into my pathetic little play thing . I can destroy any man and turn you into my pathetic sniveling little bitch boy.




Mistress- Huge tits



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My name is Chantelle Henderson . I am a 34 year old professional dominatrix living in the Northeast UK . ( near Newcastle )

Unlike many professional Dommes I am different in that I am also very much a lifestyle Domme and enjoy exerting control more than anything else in the world . Having been heavily involved on the BDSM scene for the past 16 years I am as much into the psychological aspects of BDSM and D/s relationships as I am the physical .

I enjoy mind games, humiliation , erotic hypnosis and head fuck interrogation as much as I enjoy giving a good flogging or strap on play

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For very obvious reasons I am adding this disclaimer to my pages –

This site is devoted to those into role play and fetish – If you have a problem with the role play I conduct , please leave my site .   Everyone on this site is a consenting adult , and participating in role play with strictukmistress.

19 Responses to About Me

  1. simon says:

    I am interested in mind control and games and possibly financial slavery

  2. Shawn says:

    Love the new site ma’am when can we session I want to be in your new stable of sluts you should have all my pix still I am yours to ruin I will pay like a good boy I now my place
    Thank you mamm

    • admin says:

      Nice to see you back Shawn. Unfortunately your information went down with my site . Although I do have everyone’s pics , I don’t know whose pic goes with who —- SO we WILL have to session again very soon . Latinolady12 on camcontacts . Join by Click Here to Meet Beautiful Girl LIVE on WEBCAMS!

  3. Shawn says:

    Sounds great ma’am I sent you a email to refresh your memory
    Thank you

  4. jizzjunky says:

    Great to see Your website is back Mistress, i look forward to seeing You again soon.

  5. Paddy says:

    Does Mistress practice real time domination (I live in sunny Newcastle)? I’ve just got on the pay scale in my chosen profession so can now afford to see a dominatrix regularly. I think you might be just the lady to help me achieve some of my androgenous/crossdressing/sissy fantasies.

    Your website is hard to find, but by the sounds of it just what I am looking for. I am quite inexperienced (I’m only 26) but I am aware of the difference between a dominatrix and a prostitute; just so there’s no awkwardness let me assure you I am seeking the services of the former not the latter.



  6. jizzjunky says:

    What a lovely looking clitty slut Alex has…bet it would put out a large load..

  7. jacquetje says:

    erotic hypnosis sounds so good, wonder how good You are at it. Might be a very exciting experience to try it out

  8. A recently single women says:

    Be sure you are ready for what she has to offer…My ex-man played her game and lost BIG TIME…..

    • sindyslut says:

      Well i guess he was a slut… we all come here to be taken. We know what’s going to happen and we still do it – because we are sluts that need to be owned.

      • admin says:

        You’re next . You have my details, I’m waiting.

        • sindy says:

          Been trying to contact You Mistress. i am beaten now, and happy to go on imlive.com or other site to give up totally to You. Scary thing is i know i will, and i know i won’t/can’t resist whatever You want.

    • jacquetje says:

      but hse disclosed his real nature to you

  9. proudjames says:

    i have been trying to speak to you mistress and hope you see me worthy im ready to give everything to you although i am proud and would find it humiliating to have you degrade and abuse me yet that is what i crave..

  10. Salleygal says:

    Are You happy to blackmail 56 year old sissy in Australia and how would i tribute You? I am new at this.

  11. Bigmic says:

    I’m loving all the pics mistress

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