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This site is devoted to those into role play and fetish – If you have a problem with the role play I conduct , please leave my site .   Everyone on this site is a consenting adult , and participating in role play with strictukmistress.


15 Responses to Contact

  1. jacquetje says:

    hope to talk to You one day…………even if that would (will) mean the strat of enslavement

  2. sindy says:

    The day Mistress deems me worth of any attention and response, is the day i know i will become a slave for life. The scary thing is i am going to keep trying to contact her even though i know what it means. She has beaten me – i have lost – and now i am constantly begging.

  3. veronica says:

    I know it’s wrong to want this, but I desperately need her guidance! And I know she will make me do things I won’t want to but i find myself getting more and more aroused just thinking about pleasing her in any way i can.

  4. Mike Southgate says:


    Are you still updating your site here?

    I have always very much enjoyed seeing the misfortune of those with whom you toy and skillfully exploit…

  5. sissy lucybelle (cuckold wannabe) says:

    would you consider training me up to be a sissy cuckold please, any male domz are also welcme to have control over me , thank you

  6. Sissy says:

    Where have you been? i hope everything is alright!

  7. christine says:

    69 year old christine here
    i would love to have some cocks in me

  8. Bigmic says:

    Hope to be on here someday mistress (again)haven’t seen you on dungeon cams?missing my mistress

  9. WarpedMind says:

    Truly perfect Mistress. Cannot wait to meet sometime.

  10. sissyslut79 says:

    Very Beautiful and intelligent Mistress whom is the Goddess of all Mistresses in my opinion.

  11. Kevin says:

    Hi there

    Do you have any uk sissy sluts that need a nice big cock. Happy to help out if you do …

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