Little jimmy hasn’t had cock in a while

Little Jimmy hasn’t had much cock in her mouth for a while, but tonight all that is going to change. Time to get her filled with cum again .

Does anyone want a go on her pussy, it’s for sale, you can contact me for details.

This pussy needs raping, so does her face
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Chad the whore

Chad can’t get enough of being a little hand fucker, the only place chad gets to squirt is in his hand, this is his pathetic sex life, and he has guests staying with him at the moment, so he has to hide upstairs fucking his hand for me in secret like the little loser that he is.

little loser dick

And his cock is so pathetic, it barely makes it out of his hand, I remember some of you asked about Chad, I should get some live shows of him streaming some time so people can laugh at him while I make him fuck himself.

Spread your legs, Chad, and show everyone what you have, or what you don’t have, as the case may be.

It’s a blur because chad’s so busy fucking himself

Let’s get you on all fours, Chad, and start fucking your hand for me like that , like a humiliated exposed little bitch, just look at how his little clit dick hangs there, not even half a man this one.

Now fuck your hand like you do best, Chad, it’s good to have a skill, and Chad’s skill is fucking himself. HA HA HA HA

Wanking himself again, this is the only way that Chad ever gets to cum, he has no real sex life, never cums in a pussy or on a pair of tits, and never will, this is it for him from now… wanking his loser dick for my entertainment.

Turned him around to see if things would look any less pathetic, seems I got my answer =no.

Wank it like that for me chad, you know how addicted you are to making that little clit dick squirt.

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haha little mic and his little dick

Here’s a shout out to his girlfriend, who cuckolds Mic and fucks bigger cocks, she knows about him visiting me, and she knows he’s listed on here…. So this one’s for you, during your lock down and cock famine.

That’s why you need to fuck other men

It’s so pathetic how he fucks his fingers with his tiny cock hahaha, looks like such a joke.

Literally it’s about the size of his pinky finger hahaha what a fucking loser

As soon as this pandemic is over and she can get out, I know exactly where she’s going to be running, and it’s not going to be towards that maggot cock.

Now he’s desperately wanking it with his fingers, because he can’t wank it like a real man, because he isn’t one ! hahaha . Poor Amy, she actually fucks this clit dick once every two weeks, but she’s vowed no more fucking him ever again until she gets some of that big cock back inside her. She loves sucking cock too , and little Mic has no option but to let her go suck whoever she wants

Funny story , one of the guys she started sucking actually worked under little Mic, and was much younger than him, she was sucking a 17 yr old cock, while he was wanking his loser dick at home to the thought of her finally getting some real dick. Of course the young guy knew that his boss had a tiny little cock, and was only too happy to satisfy his woman hahahaha, So humiliating for the little loser .

Look at him wanking it like a pathetic little bitch

You guys who actually get to fuck Amy, might also like to know, that this pathetic little maggot cock has been swallowing down your spunk out of condoms Amy has saved for him and taken back for him. Before he got with her, he used to eat spunk from his flat mates bin, out of condoms he would collect, but now he has his own gf and his own delivery service of spunk filled condoms. So not only are you having to see to the needs of your bosses gf, you’re also feeding your boss with your semen . HAHAHAHAA He is a total fucking loser.

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CHAD IS BACK and fucking his hand

Chad the little hand fucker is back tonight, even though he has visitor at home who he’d had to escape from because he’s that fucking desperate to fuck his hand for me.

What a fucking desperate pathetic loser.

Fucking his finger with his little clitty dick.

You can’t really appreciate how tiny this pathetic dick is without seeing it out of his fingers.

Look at that

Chad only ever gets to squirt in his hand, a few people have been asking if he’ll ever be allowed to squirt in a pussy. The answer is clear, and the answer is ‘no!’ . Pussy is saved for real men with real cocks, As Chad is a little hand fucker, he will never be classed as a real man and he will never get to squirt anywhere apart from into his own hand forever. How frustrating for poor pathetic Chad, but at least it gives us all a big laugh.

Chads little cock vanishes in the toilet roll hahaha

Got to tell the girls about this , what a fucking sight.
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Someone is going to suck cock for me

He has 7 days to suck cock for me, and he’s going to be on his knees sucking leather daddy’s cock , by the weekend. If he doesn’t, there’s going to be serious consequences, and he knows this …

More to follow, updates on his cock sucking………. tick tock

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Someone loves to bounce on cock

She needs to squirt into her sissy panties desperately .


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This little slut in her hotel room for me

Little slut went to a hotel room , so I can fill her with cock and dress her in the panties she ordered specifically to whore out my site .

Look at that slutty ass with my fan sign

Little humiliated bitch for me , all plugged up too .

Taking it like a good little whore, plugging that pussy for me, before I fuck her with that cock . She’s been gagging for my cock for a long time.

Dirty plugged up whore
Someone looking super slutty

I think this means she’s desperate for my cock in her .

It’s not the first time this bitch has been in panties for me, far from it . She’s ordered these cherry slutty knickers for me, and her pink tights, which she squirted in like a desperate little whore.

So slutty

Locked her clitty , but there’s little point, this sissy needs to rub her clitty all the time, no self control over that sissy clit, and breaks out of her chastity as soon as it has been locked .

Someone made a mess in her tights, nasty little slut should drink it all up like a good little cum guzzler.

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Chad – here are the slut pics for you to squirt over

Another session with slutty luscious to get some new slutty photos . These are perfect for chad to squirt his pathetic little dick over. He knows he has to cover a photo of her, so now he has a collection to choose from

Slut posing to take all the cum
Cum on these big tits for her ?
Chad, maybe you’d rather cum on her ass?
Black cock tit wank
Licking the tip for you , Chad
Nasty little cock sucking whore, wants all the dick
little bitch can’t get enough
Bouncing on her plugged ass, and wanding her slutty clitty
Fucking her whore hole with a dildo
Squirting onto a black dildo , to lick up for me

You have quite the collection to choose from , Chad. So whichever you decide, do let me know, and I will be making sure you squirt your cum over her , and turn her into the nasty little cum covered slut she loves to be , while I turn you into my humiliated exposed little hand fucker that you were always going to end up as.

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Chad returns

Of course fucking his hand again

There’s going to be no pussy for chad, ever again . So all he ever gets to do is fuck his hand . He loves and hates it hahahaha . He’s so addicted and can’t stop , but he hates that he has to undergo the humiliation, night after night, in front of us all .

Someone is growing bitch tits, they’re the only tits this loser will be getting his hands on

I’ve decided Chad some cum over lucious , so he’s going to print her out like a good little slut for me, and wank his cock over her for me . HAHAHA, as he’s never getting a woman , I might as well have him milk that cock over a sissy .

Look at the size of what he’s ‘working’ with hahaha

Everyone is so used to seeing this wanker boy jerking it , he’s really a hand fucking expert , but that is definitely all he’s good at . Sticking his cock in his hand, and squirting his cum into it . LOL

Someone isn’t any bigger than a toilet roll . What a stud . No wonder he’s turned into my pathetic hand fucking loser.

Fuck the toilet roll loser, it’s not like you can fuck a woman , so slide that little cock into the toilet roll ,and let me see.

Actually , not much to see is there, his little dick vanishes.

Exposing this little slut is so much fun , he just looks so pathetic, and his little dick looks even smaller when I force him to spread his legs for us.

Turn around and get ready for a dick in your whore hole bitch , look what a slut he looks from behind, I think he needs those whore holes filled.

Pathetic swinging balls while he fucks his hand for us.

look how tiny it is … he thought someone had come in and was about to catch him hahaha , panic ….. funny thing is, I’ve showed him off wanking to so many people

Look what I had him steal from me, from his house guest hahaha if only she knew that not only is he a pathetic addicted hand fucker, but now he’s using her panties.

pretty sissy panties

Wank your loser cock with them for me .

so cock controlled , his little hard dick in her panties
Doesn’t he suit them hahaha, his little clitty poking through them

Now he can’t wank his cock quite as easily . This pathetic little whore is almost sobbing with humiliation and regret …… but it makes it so much hotter to destroy him .

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Chad wanking his little dick

Chad can’t get enough of wanking his little dick . He’s not allowed to cum inside a woman , so all he has is his hand. What makes this sorry story even funnier is , I keep this little loser on edge , and give both my sister and my friends something to laugh about . We all love a ‘Chad evening’ hahahahaha

And by that I mean , this little loser plays with his dick , poses in different positions, until we’re ready to force him to squirt into his hand . Sometimes he proclaims how ‘horrible’ this is . HAHAHA But it doesn’t stop his stupid little maggot cock from squirting into his hand. I’ve nick named the box of tissues by his bed, his wife. Let me introduce you to Chad’s wife.

Here she is , isn’t she stunning, this is the best Chad can get to squirt into hahaha .

Such a humiliated little loser

Look how tiny his little dick is

Ive been forcing him into different positions, for our entertainment. Still waiting on my sisters’ verdicts , on how they’d like to see him . He is the gift which keeps on giving. The ultimate humiliation toy .

And with a little loser cock like that , he doesn’t have to try very hard to give us all a laugh .

can barely see it

I make him spread his sissy legs, so we can see his clit dick the best we can , but even when it’s quite exposed, it’s still not the easiest thing to see , with it being like a little worm hahaha. No wonder this loser just has to fuck his hand every night. Everyone should know this loser only ever gets to cum inside his hand hahaha

That’s it Chad, hump your wife

Oopse, I mean your hand, as there’s no wife to hump hahaha, you will have to make do with your hand, like you always do .

As soon as he starts humping his hand, his little baby dick vanishes.

This is basically his sex life . Well it is . I’ve told him many times, and he’s well aware , that this is it for him now. We own his little loser cock , and we own his pathetic orgasms, and watching him doubled over like a wind up toy , wanking his loser dick , with humiliation etched over his face , is like watching this loser fuck , because the only fuck he ever gets is from his hand. Hand fucking winner , hahaha, does that make him a loser !

Making him pose in humiliating positions so we all get a look at every angle

hahaha, I thought maybe this angle would do him justice. Maybe it would leave more to the imagination , and make it look like he has a bigger cock , or a potentially less small cock than he has, but epic fail , he just looks like the desperate little hand fucker that he is, but from behind.

we can’t see it chad

You should probably point out what exactly we’re looking at … It’s kind of easy to miss

Ahh there it is

I think we should make this little loser squirt in his hand, AGAIN hahahaha, and I’ll let you all see how fucking pathetic he looks when he does . So funny to watch , and so humiliating for him . Especially as he tries not to , and tries to negotiate out of it , or tells me how horrible it is . Well it’s the only way it ends for you chad, with your pathetic little worm sneezing into your hand hahaha .

Humping the pillow now, like a sissy fem slut teenager hahah , welcome to Chad’s sex life. He was given the option of fucking a shoe/slipper, but he went for the pillow, the good old reliable . ( this is far from the first time, I’ve had him fucking a pillow , or his bed, or sofa )

haha ride that bitch , I mean pillow

hahaha such a tiny little dick , is vanishes in his hand , still riding that pillow for me like a stud hahahaha

Better have him fuck his hand, this pillow is blocking my view

hahahah fucking his hand as fast as he can now, as I need to make him squirt into his hand so I can share with my sisters and friends hahaha

faster faster faster . He looks so pathetic when he wanks.

And he’s made it squirt , into his hand , as always

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