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UK Chastity dominatrix- This page contains information related to one of my fave’ subjects . Information regarding but not limited to : UK chastity mistress. UK chastity dominatrix, chastity mistress, chastity dominatrix, online chastity Domme, online chastity dominatrix , online key-holding, long distance chastity, long distance key-holding, key-holding dominatrix, orgasm control, ruined orgasm , forced orgasm .

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UK Chastity Mistress- I have to say chastity is definitely one of my fave’ aspects of BDSM. I love the control it brings, and realise there is no control like it . To have they key to a slaves cock on the chain around my neck means I own his soul .

I offer many forms of key  holding, from real time dungeon locking scenarios , to online webcam domination. If you are not in traveling distance to the UK , I can lock your cock in an online session .  We will watch each other on webcam , and you will follow my instruction . For the braver amongst you , I accept keys mailed to me , and I will choose when I unlock you by posting back the key . If you are not ready to mail your key , we will start our chastity relationship with orgasm control training. To book or discuss a chastity keyholding BDSM session , contact me by e-mail or by joining the site below

To really get my attention, run along and buy a chastity belt here before booking the session.


Alternatively , If I am not online and you wish to speak to a Live chastity Mistress now , Join the site below and look for my chastity dominatrix friends.

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For very obvious reasons I am adding this disclaimer to my pages –

This site is devoted to those into role play and fetish – If you have a problem with the role play I conduct , please leave my site .   Everyone on this site is a consenting adult , and participating in role play with strictukmistress.

3 Responses to Chastity mistress

  1. david says:

    i am looking for a female to lock me up in chastity, and the right one will get to keep me locked up long term

  2. KC says:

    How exciting to imagine my keys around your neck, Mistress Chantelle! I wonder if you might consider allowing us chastity boys to buy an open, personally marked/engraved lock from you… so that you know we are locked and not cheating when it clicks shut! (done on cam so you can see the locking, of course!). It is a hope in me to learn deeper submission through chastity, but there are so many ways for even strong-minded men to cheat (even though we want to be obedient & good, we become weak at times). Thanks. KC

  3. sissy lucybelle (cuckold wannabe) says:

    would love to be your chaste sissy 🙂

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